Did Cardi B Just Reveal She’s Pregnant on ‘SNL’ in Coolest Way Possible? (Video)

Rumors of Cardi B’s pregnancy have been flying since February, and the rapper appeared to use her “SNL” performance to make the big announcement

After two months of rumors, it looks like Cardi B decided to confirm that she’s pregnant on “SNL” — by revealing her baby bump with a tight wedding dress, to cheers from the crowd.

During her second performance as musical guest on the episode hosted by “Black Panther” actor Chadwick Boseman, Cardi B was initially shrouded in shadow with only her face revealed. As the song escalated and hit a crescendo, the spotlight was widened, revealing that Cardi B was wearing the white dress that distinctly accentuated her figure.

Celebrity gossip that she is pregnant has circled the rapper since February, when according to TMZ, members of her crew told a Super Bowl event staffer she was three to four months along. But the “Bodak Yellow” rapper evaded questions about it, including in an interview with US Weekly on Friday when she basically just suggested people listen to her album.

Of course, she didn’t actually say she was pregnant on “SNL” either. But she definitely used her performance as a means of owning the conversation.

In the crowd, fans cheered at Cardi B’s reveal.

Gossip website “TMZ” previously had reported on the Cardi B pregnancy rumors, discussing her recent wardrobe and the way her entourage blocked photographers’ view of her body as paparazzi tried to ask her questions. There was speculation that the rapper was saving the announcement something like her “SNL” performance, which turned out to be true. But with the theatricality of the approach to the announcement, Cardi B turned gossip and speculation into a particularly cool moment in her performance, and managed to take back control of the story.

Official-official or not, fans were ecstatic on Twitter: