Carrie Underwood Commutes With James Corden for Some Country ‘Carpool Karaoke’ (Video)

Music superstar brags about how “hot” it was watching hubby Mike Fisher knock another guy’s tooth out

James Corden infused a little “American Idol” into his popular “Carpool Karaoke” recurring segment, welcoming Carrie Underwood to Wednesday’s show.

The duo belted out some of her country hits during the morning drive, had a note-holding contest, and even went shopping for cowboy boots. It was in the themed retail store that we learned exactly how much more money Underwood makes than Corden.

Back in the car, Carrie talked about her love life a bit. The “Late Late Show” host asked the singer-strummer if she fears for husband Mike Fisher in his dangerous pro hockey career.

“Have you seen his latest fight? He knocked a guy’s tooth out,” Underwood boasted. “It was pretty hot.”

Afterward, Corden teased Underwood with a literal interpretation of her song “Jesus Take the Wheel.” It’s unclear if the son of God found Fisher’s aforementioned right hook as arousing.

The CBS host and his Range Rover shotgun guest closed the morning commute with a little Wham singalong, as one does.

“We are awesome,” Underwood concluded.

Watch the video above.