Carson Daly Knows Which Coach’s Team He Would Join on ‘The Voice’ (Video)

The host revealed his answer during TheWrap’s Emmys Screening Series

It’s every contestant’s dream on “The Voice” to get all four judges to turn their chairs around. But when it happens, a difficult choice must be made: whose team do they join? For host Carson Daly though, the decision is actually pretty easy.

“I would choose John Legend,” the host revealed to TheWrap. “You probably thought I was gonna say Blake [Shelton], because we’re close, but that’s why I wouldn’t want to be on his team. Because I know him too well. He offers me nothing.”

Daly made his choice during a panel discussion for TheWrap’s latest Emmy Screening Series, breaking down “The Voice,” which is hoping to bring home its eighth award this Fall. This season, contestants will be guided once again by Blake Shelton, John Legend and Kelly Clarkson. Also joining the judges panel this year is Ariana Grande, taking over for Nick Jonas.

Daly isn’t totally sure what his blind audition song would be — he doesn’t even have a go-to karaoke song — but he has a feeling that it would be in the “80s and 90s R&B world.” So, between his own music taste and Legend’s experience in the industry, Daly thinks Team Legend would be the place for him.

But for what it’s worth, Daly and everyone else involved with the show have been blown away by what Ariana Grande offers as a judge. Supervising Producer Clyde Lieberman knows that he’d join her team in a heartbeat.

“She envelops her team in so much love that you would feel really safe being on her team, like she was going to look out for you,” Lieberman told TheWrap.

He added that Grande’s energy on set has been nothing but beneficial for everyone involved with the show since the moment she arrived.

“You could just feel that she felt lucky and fortunate to be a successful music artist and that she thought this opportunity all of a sudden dropped in her lap to work with people who want to have careers, and [who] have talent, and she was all in,” Lieberman added. “I’m not even kidding a little bit. You could feel ‘all in’ the very first time she talked about this.”

Now, don’t feel too badly for Shelton and Clarkson. Executive producer Audrey Morrissey noted that she’d be happy on either of their teams while her comrades work with Legend and Grande. It all comes down to the taste in music.

You can watch TheWrap’s full Emmy Screening Series discussion on “The Voice” in the video above.


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