Casey Anthony Will Be Set Free on July 13

She’ll have to pay $4,000 and will spend only six more days in jail after being acquitted of murder charges

The inevitable Lifetime dramatization of the Casey Anthony murder case will conclude with the accused mother getting off with just a $4,000 fine and serving four years, less time already spent in jail.

Due to being given credit for good behavior, this amounts to only six more days in the slammer. Casey Anthony will be released on Wednesday, July 13.

Florida judge Belvin Perry Jr. sentenced Anthony on Wednesday morning on four counts of lying to police officers during the investigation of the 2008 death of her daughter, Caylee.

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The defense team tried to lobby that Anthony had lied only once and that therefore the offenses should be combined into one charge. Judge Perry denied that plea.

Anthony was first arrested on July 16, 2008, which would seem to have brought her remaining time in jail to somewhere around another year, factoring in the time already served. But the exact length of her stay in county lockup was calculated leniently due to good behavior.

Each count carries a fine of $1,000.

Will Nancy Grace confront her outside county jail? The world awaits their inevitable showdown.