Casey Anthony Verdict Leaves Julie Chen in Tears

The hosts of “The Talk” became visibly upset by the not guilty verdict

Casey Anthony was a sensitive subject on the set of CBS' gab-fest "The Talk," after a jury declared her not guilty of killing her young daughter. 

Host Julie Chen broke down in tears while reading out the jury's decision on Tuesday's program. 

"Help me out here," Chen asked her co-anchors while emotions took over. 

Not that the other ladies of "The Talk" were exactly taking the news in stride: Holly Robinson Peete also got misty-eyed, while Sara Gilbert expressed disbelief that a jury would believe Anthony's innocence. 

Casey had been accused of suffocating her daughter Caylee with duct tape and dumping her body in the woods.

Though she dodged the most serious charges, she was found guilty of providing law enforcement officers with false information.

No explanation, beyond a possible miscarriage of justice, was given for Chen's tearful response. Perhaps as a mother of a toddler with husband Leslie Moonves, Chen related to the news on a more deeply personal level.

Watch Chen's breakdown below: