Cat Celebrity Lil Bub Partners with Revision3 for New Show – Look Out, Grumpy Cat (Exclusive)

Adorable perma kitten Lil Bub will interview people on the street 

Internet cat celebrity Lil Bub is about to become a feline on the street interviewer in a new show she will host for Revision3, the company will announce on Friday. The Discovery-owned online video network has partnered with Lil Bub and her owner Mike Bridavsky to make new shows for Bub’s channel and bring it under the Revision3 umbrella.

The first new show calls for Bub to go out on the street and interview people at parks, film premieres and via Skype. It will launch in August.

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“We’ve been watching Bub explode as an online personality and talking to her team about a new concept and a channel around Bub,” Ryan Vance, Revision3’s SVP of programming, told TheWrap. “The channel on YouTube will be expanded with a ton more content we’ll co-produce.”

Born with several genetic mutations affecting her appearance, Lil Bub is one of the most popular cats on the Internet and was the star of “Lil Bub & Friends,” a documentary that premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival this year and won the award for best online feature.

Bub already possesses a YouTube channel, but Revision3 brought her team a strategy for how to take it to the next level.

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“This cat has the unique ability to break the Internet whenever she does anything out of the ordinary,” Vance said, referencing a photo of Bub and Robert De Niro that was circulated on endless websites and blogs.

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Revision3 will distribute the shows on Bub’s channel and its own animals network, sell advertisements against the shows and own a fifty percent stake in all the new shows created under the partnership.

Bub will announce the new partnership in a video on her own channel and on Revision 3 Friday morning. She will also host a Google+ Hangout with other famous cats and some YouTube stars Friday afternoon.

Vance said he had been looking for a way for Revision3 to capitalize on the popularity of cats online, including a trip to a cat video festival in Oakland.

“It’s undeniable that there’s a celebrity cat explosion going on and communities growing around these cats,” Vance said. “Dog people can create communities by going to dog parks. Cats don’t like leaving the house so if you’re a cat owner and want to find a community of cat people, you need to find it online.”