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‘Catch and Kill’ Audiobook Listeners ‘Baffled’ by Ronan Farrow’s Use of ‘Comically Bad’ Accents

Farrow took on a series of accents in performing his much-anticipated book, including Trump, Australian journalist Dylan Howard and a ‘tough Ukrainian guy’

Ronan Farrow’s book “Catch and Kill” has been highly-anticipated for weeks, but one thing no one saw coming was his use of accents in the audiobook reading.

“Is anyone else listening to Ronan Farrow’s audiobook of ‘Catch and Kill’ and baffled by his decision to do voices?” asked one Twitter user Wednesday, the day after the book dropped. “Important reporting/audition for SNL showcase?”

“This is his ‘Tough Ukrainian Guy,'” the user added, sharing an audio clip. He also shared clips of what he called Farrow’s “exasperated dad” character, “Howard: The Australian Surveillance Dude,” and, simply, “Trump.”

“Can you imagine the expression on the audio engineer’s face the first time he broke out a character?” asked one user in response to the Trump clip.

“By chapter 21, his ‘Trump’ had improved somewhat. All accented voices were still comically bad,” said another.

The Guardian ranked the accents, noting that although an Australian accent should “never have been attempted,” but actually turned out “quite good.”

Farrow told TheWrap via a spokesperson, “I’m so excited about the reception of the audio book. I’ve loved hearing how into the voice work people have been, as we worked hard to differentiate the various characters in the book and to do them justice in a vivid way.”

On Twitter, the author engaged with users who were praising the audiobook. He wrote he is “psyched people are so into the audiobook and the voice work in it.”

The levity of laughing about the accents seemed welcome on Twitter Thursday, given the seriousness of the contents of the book. “Catch and Kill” details Farrow’s quest to report on sexual misconduct accusations against Harvey Weinstein and the struggle he went through when trying to get his work to air at NBC News.