Catholic League President Accuses NBC of ‘Phony Outcry’ Over Megyn Kelly ‘Blackface’ Comments

Bill Donahue says Seth Meyers and Jay Leno make jokes at the expense of Catholic priests

Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly has a new defender in her corner as she heads towards a potential exit at NBC: Catholic League president Bill Donahue.

Donahue called out what he perceived to be a double standard at NBC in a lengthy statement on Friday. “Megyn Kelly was obviously not dropped by NBC because all the executives and hosts who work there are opposed to bigotry,” he said. “In fact, many of them like it. Indeed, they have been promoting it for decades.”

NBC News on Friday confirmed that Kelly is in talks to exit the network after defending whites wearing blackface for Halloween on the Tuesday edition of her “Megyn Kelly Today” morning show.

Donahue’s chief argument focused on the jokes that the network has made at the expense of Catholic priests and nuns, pointing out many instances where NBC talent, including Al Roker, Jay Leno, Seth Meyers and the short-lived comedy “You, Me and the Apocalypse,” mocked the Catholic church. Most of the jokes had to do with the issue of child molestation within the Catholic Church.

“NBC executives should be honest and admit that they were looking for a way to get rid of Kelly and seized upon her ‘blackface’ Halloween story to do so,” Donahue continued. “They should also admit that they lie when they say they are opposed to bigotry in all of its manifestations. They clearly are not.”