Netflix and CBS TV Distribution Strike Licensing Deal

“Medium,” “Flash Point” among the titles to be instantly available to subscribers

Netflix has signed a two-year, non-exclusive agreement with CBS Television Distribution that will allow Netflix users to instantly stream content from CBS' library, including "Twin Peaks," "Frasier," "Family Ties," "Star Trek," and "The Twilight Zone."

The agreement means Netflix now has deals in place to offer at least some content from the four biggest networks.

The deal comes as part of Netflix's ongoing effort to dramatically increase its online streaming options, particularly when it comes to television titles. In November, the company began offering its subscribers a streaming-only option that bypasses the company's traditional DVDs-via-mail model.

While the financial details of the agreement are undisclosed, last year Netflix reportedly agreed to pay nearly $1 billion over five years for a streaming-content licensing deal with Epix. That deal, however, was exlusive, while the new agreement with CBS is non-exclusive.

Netflix's deal with CBS comes on the same day that Amazon announced it will offer free, unlimited streaming of content to its Amazon Prime customers. (Amazon Prime costs $79 annually, a fee that will not be affected by the addition of streaming services.)