Major Garrett’s Profane Twitter Tirade

CBS's chief White House correspondent uses the F-word twice in a tweet — and offers uncommon adjective "shirty"

Major Garrett, CBS News' chief White House correspondent, tweeted his fury at someone's "shirty business" on Monday.

The reporter quickly deleted the tweet, which was perhaps meant to be a direct, private message.

"The f— I am," he wrote in the tweet. "That is shirty business what you did. Fix it. I'm not f—ing kidding."

Jim O'Sullivan, the White House correspondent for the National Journal, had cracked a joke about Garrett earlier: "Someone, @MajorCBS, left a thing of Cover Girl on the WH press men's room sink."

He then tweeted: "Confirmed: makeup contraband in WH men's room does NOT belong to @MajorCBS. Will investigate further"

After his message, Garrett seemed to confirm that Sullivan had drawn his apparent ire.

"Monday before SOTU [the State of the Union Address] is always slow. Pity," he tweeted. "I was speaking to @JOSreports. He knows why. I hear S#%* is REALLY hitting the fan in Damascus."

CBS did not immediately respond to requests from TheWrap for comment.