CBS News’ Lara Logan Hospitalized With Internal Bleeding

“60 Minutes” correspondent was admitted to D.C.-area hospital Wednesday with digestive disease diverticulitis in addition to internal bleeding

CBS News correspondent Lara Logan was admitted to a D.C.-area hospital Wednesday with internal bleeding, a CBS spokesperson confirmed to TheWrap.

“We wish Lara a speedy recovery,” a spokesperson for “60 Minutes” told TheWrap, declining to comment more specifically on the correspondent’s condition.

The New York Post reports Logan was admitted to the hospital with digestive disease diverticulitis and internal bleeding. Logan, 43, will remain in the hospital for a few days to recover.

In 2014, Logan was quarantined in a South African hotel for three weeks after visiting an Ebola hospital. And in 2011, she was the victim of sexual assault after a mob attacked her while she reported from Tahrir Square.

And the correspondent was at the center of a media firestorm in 2013 after a report on the Benghazi terror attack that used U.S. security contractor Dylan Davies as its central source was discredited. The controversy led Logan to take a six-month leave of absence.