CBS Is Selling Stephen Colbert’s ‘Shutdown Mug’ With Proceeds to Feed Furloughed Federal Workers

All profits from the “Late Show” mug sales will go directly to José Andrés’ World Central Kitchen

Like that coffee mug that Stephen Colbert sported on Thursday’s episode of “The Late Show”? CBS hopes you did, enough that you’re willing to plop down $15 for it.

Colbert announced during the show that his coffee mug commemorating the 28-day partial government shutdown — which is emblazoned with the words “Don’t Even Talk to Me Until I’ve Had My Paycheck” — is now available for viewers to buy.

But it’s not a simple cash grab for CBS.

The network says all of the profits from the mug sales will go directly to Chef José Andrés’ nonprofit organization, World Central Kitchen, which has been providing free meals to federal workers and their families during the government shutdown. Many federal employees are currently furloughed or working without pay during the shutdown, which began on Saturday, Dec. 22. This is already the longest shutdown in U.S. history.

Through its #ChefForFeds initiative, the Washington, D.C.-based World Central Kitchen and cafe, has been offering free dine-in and to-go meals for federal workers who have been affected by the government shutdown since Wednesday, Jan. 16. In the past year alone, Andrés’ nonprofit organization has served over five million meals to those impacted by natural disasters and humanitarian crises.

Watch Colbert’s announcement in the video above.