CBS Tweeting Up With ‘Mommy Bloggers’

If you notice a lot of Twitter buzz today about ‘Accidentally on Purpose,’ it’s no accident. Here’s what’s up.

CBS is planning a "tweet up" with so-called "mommy bloggers" as part of its marketing for new Monday comedy "Accidentally on Purpose."

Network outreach to bloggers has become increasingly common, with Internet scribes regularly invited to special events built around shows. In the case of "Accidentally," the Eye has been courting female bloggers for months– sending them early DVDs of the pilot, arranging conference calls with star Jenna Elfman, etc.

("Mommy bloggers," by the way, refers to a subset of Internet writers who mix motherhood with writing).

Today, CBS is going a step further in its efforts by inviting approximately 25 bloggers to the set of "AOP" so that the writers can chronicle the event live on Twitter. The network believes it’s the first time a broadcaster has arranged such a "tweet up" (though given how much under-the-radar marketing goes on in TV land these days, it’s hard to say for sure anymore if something is a first).

During this afternoon’s event, the blogger-Tweeters will meet the cast and writers of "AOP," get a chance to ask them questions and watch a taping of the show. Rather than confiscating iPhones and Blackberries, CBS is giving the bloggers a greenlight to actively Tweet during the taping (and other events).

The network plans to use its own Twitter feed to encourage folks to follow the bloggers at the taping, tying it all in to the "follow Friday" tradition on Twitter.

Among the scribes set to tweet today (not all are mommy bloggers): @Sugarjones, @greginhollywood, @thesmartmama and @momfluential.