CBS Weatherman Eats Cat Vomit on Air, Hilarity Ensues (Video)

The weatherman for Hartford’s CBS affiliate, WFSB, blatantly ignored the five-second rule when eating nuggets of cat vomit he dragged into the studio on his shoe

WFSB 3 Connecticut

CBS Affiliate weatherman Scot Haney learned a priceless life lesson on live television Wednesday morning when he decided to pick up what he thought was food from the studio floor, and then eat it.

Unfortunately for him (but fortunately for comedy), it wasn’t food. Or at least, food meant for human consumption.

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“I ate cat vomit, right here on television. It’s disgusting,” Haney told viewers. “I’m going to throw up!”

The humbling incident began when Haney and his co-anchors noticed “Grape Nuts” littering the floor. Naturally, the friendly banter began. But then Haney surprised his news team by shoveling a handful of the mystery nuggets into his mouth.

“They’re a little soggy. They taste like shoes,” Haney said as his face soured. “Oh. I don’t think those are Grape Nuts. I think that might be dog doody.”

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Haney maintained a good sense of humor about the incident, however, and replaced the “What’s Trending Now” segment with an official explanation to any concerned (or disgusted) viewers.

“This is what’s trending now. Ladies and gentlemen, those were not grape nuts that I ate. I kept finding more and more of it on the floor, and I thought it was grape nuts because it looked just like it,” Haney said. “My cat threw up, and I must have stepped in it and that’s what I ate.”