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Cam Gigandet Brings Hot, Steamy, Southern Courtroom Drama to CBS Summer Series ‘Reckless’ (Video)

Crime drama stars Cam Gigandet, Anna Wood as two attorneys who are rivals in the courtroom, but are also intensely attracted to one another.

“Reckless” is hot. “Reckless” is sexy.” “Reckless” is both hot and sexy. The new trailer for the CBS summer series is certainly determined to make sure viewers know that this show is hot and sexy and then even hotter and even sexier. It also has to do with law and order and a police scandal in Charleston, South Carolina, but that’s just backdrop to all the hot-and-sexy in the foreground.

There are more sexual suggestions and innuendos in this one minute trailer than most CBS shows manage to squeeze into an hour. It definitely signifies that this one is for the guilty pleasure season, otherwise known as summer.

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Created by Dana Stevens, “Reckless” stars Cam Gigandet, Anna Wood, Shawn Hatosy, Georgina Haig, Adam Rodriguez, Michael Gladis, Kim Wayans, and Gregory Harrison. Executive producers include director Catherine Hardwicke, writer Stevens, Corey Miller, Ian Sander, and Kim Moses. The new summer series premieres on Sunday, June 29 at 9 p.m. ET.