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CBS’s ‘Three Rivers’ Dries Up

Medical drama, starring ex-”Moonlight“ star Alex O’Loughlin, is pulled from Sunday lineup. Will Bruckheimer fill the gap?

 As expected, CBS has pulled the plug on "Three Rivers," the first-year hospital drama starring ex-"Moonlight" vampire Alex O’Louglin.

The network will stop showing the first-year medical drama, effective immediately. Repeats of CBS crime dramas will take its place in the 9 p.m. Sunday slot.

UPDATE: Actually, CBS just clarified that (mostly) original episodes of "Cold Case" will replace "Rivers," with crime repeats at 10. (This makes our scenario below look even more plausible). The three-hour "Survivor" finale will fill most of Sunday on Dec. 20, while the Eye will repeat a "Jesse Stone" TV movie on Dec. 27).

Technically, no decision has been made on its long-term future. But unless CBS has its worst development season ever, it’s hard to see the network picking up the show for another season come May. "Rivers" has been a ratings weakling for CBS, failing to hold on to its "Amazing Race" lead-in.

"Rivers" will complete production on its initial 13 episode order.

Long-term, one possible scheduling scenario has the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced medical drama formerly known as "Miami Trauma" bowing on Sunday. It could either replace "Three Rivers," or CBS might opt to shift "Cold Case" back to its old 9 p.m. slot and debut the new show at 10.

Meanwhile, CBS executives should expect plenty of angry e-mails from Team Alex. Those folks aren’t going to be happy about their man being dumped by the Eye yet again.