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CBS’s ‘Under the Dome’ Extended Look: Yep, They’re Definitely Under a Dome (Video)

CBS offers advance look at Stephen King adaptation

CBS has released an extended preview of its upcoming Stephen King adaptation, "Under the Dome," and it makes one thing abundantly clear: The town of Chester's Mill is definitely under a giant, invisible dome.

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While the series — from Steven Spielberg's Amblin Television — boasts an impressive cast that includes "Breaking Bad" vet Dean Norris, the true star of this advance look is the titular dome. Airplanes unwittingly fly into the dome. People run into the dome. Others attempt to make physical contact with each other from opposite sides of the dome.

And still others hose down the dome — because all of those smudgy fingerprints and scorched airplane remnants can make a dome pretty dirty.

"Under the Dome" premieres June 24. Until then, take a peek under "Under the Dome."