‘Celebrity Family Feud’: Don’t Let Charles Barkley Take Your Kid to Church (Video)

Or these other three weirdos …

On Sunday’s “Celebrity Family Feud,” Charles Barkley gave a seemingly insane answer to the question, “If a man’s zipper breaks at church, what might he use to cover it up?”

Turns out it was more of the crazy-like-a-fox variety.

When Barkley answered “a child,” his “Inside the NBA” team was horrified. An embarrassed Ernie Johnson actually walked away and tried to join the other “family” over the very Barkley-esque response.

Shaquille O’Neal, a deputy marshal in Lafayette, Louisiana, reserve police officer in Florida, and sheriff’s deputy in Clayton County, Georgia, placed his TNT colleague under arrest.

It certainly didn’t help when Chuck tried to clarify that by “child” he meant “a baby.” Sure, that’s much better.

Shaq, Kenny Smith, host Steve Harvey — they all made fun of him. The Major League Baseball analysts on the other side of the ABC stage didn’t even want to be shown on camera. Johnny Damon looked for someone to hide behind.

All of that was, of course, until Barkley’s guess actually showed up on the board.

Who are these other three weirdos that said “Person”??? Might be time to become atheists, everyone.

“‘Person’ sounds better,” Harvey said. “Child? Baby? Damn, Chuck.”

Watch the video above.