CEO Jason Kilar Is Contract-Less as Hulu Seeks Buyer

As of July, CEO Jason Kilar is without a contract. He plans to stay put nonetheless as company is considered by buyers, says an insider

Last Updated: July 6, 2011 @ 9:21 AM

As bankers in Century City gathered to pitch Hulu to potential buyers on Tuesday, they more than likely disclosed this anomaly: CEO Jason Kilar is now without a contract.

Kilar’s contract expired at the end of June, according to an individual close to the company.

This leaves Hulu in an odd situation — on the auction block, with its key executive unsecured.

A spokeswoman for Hulu would not comment on Kilar’s contract status.

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Kilar, a former Amazon executive, has chosen not to sign a new contract with his co-owners, Comcast, News Corp., the Walt Disney Co. and Providence Equity Partners.

But once Hulu was put in play, one insider pointed out that it was somewhat pointless to bother to negotiate a new deal. Any new owner would undoubtedly want to reexamine that agreement.

But apparently Kilar plans to stay in place, contract-free, until further notice — or until someone buys his company.