Chaka Khan’s Rose Parade Performance Had Some Fans Feeling (Bad) for Her

One critic likens performance to “amateur night at the local middle school”

chaka khan
Getty Images

Chaka Khan left fans feeling for her with her performance at the Rose Parade on Tuesday. Unfortunately, many of the feelings were tinged with sadness.

Khan, who served as grand marshal for this year’s festivities, kicked off the parade in Pasadena, California, with a rendition of her hit “I Feel for You.” The performance didn’t earn the singer roses from many people on Twitter.

“Chaka Khan needs to stick to lip synching,” suggested one critic of the performance.

“Lord, Chaka Khan sounds a mess at this Rose Bowl parade,” another commenter weighed in.

“Either Chaka Khan is drunk or her in ear monitor is off,” suggested another observer.

“Who got Chaka Khan drunk before this parade started ?” another critic chimed in.

Another Twitizen likened Khan’s performance to “amateur night at the local middle school,” writing, “WTH I’m not drunk but my television must be what is this mess this noise why is Chaka Khan performing like it’s amateur night at the local middle school turn it off please.”

“Chaka Khan is a legend, but what just happened at the Rose parade was an abomination,” offered another fan.

“Damm I never thought I would say this this but Chaka Khan sound like s–t,” read another assessment.

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