Chance the Rapper Would Buy Shia LaBeouf’s Album

“It would be a classic,” write the Grammy nominated artist

chance the rapper
Chance the Rapper gained fame through word of mouth and strategic collaborations. Data can help other artists do the same.

Chance the Rapper is a fan of Shia LaBeouf‘s newfound rapping career.

The Grammy-nominated artist took to social media over the weekend and told his fans that he would definitely buy LaBeouf’s album — should he have one coming out any time soon.

“I would purchase a Shia LaBeouf album,” posted to his personal Twitter account. “And I can merch it would be a classic.”

The stamp of approval from Chance probably comes as a breath of fresh air to the “American Honey” star. Last week, LaBeouf received a stern warning from Soulja Boy telling him to “stick to acting.”

The “Transformers” star premiered a freestyle rap on “The Breakfast Club,” where he took shots at Peter Rosenberg, Drake, Vin Diesel and Lil Yachty and also Soulja Boy. The Atlanta-based rapper then uploaded a video to social media where he threatened LaBeouf and told him to stay away from his hometown.

“This rap s-t ain’t for you n–a, for real have some n–a pull up on you, f–k Shia LaBeouf. N–a, f-k you talking about keep my name out your mouth, you don’t want no beef, on my mama, you better stick to acting n–a cause this s-t get real,” wrote Soulja Boy.

As of this writing, the tweet has been liked 42,000 times.

Chance the Rapper made music history last week when he became the first artist nominated for a Grammy Award without selling an album.

The Chicago-based artist is making his acting debut in “Slice,” set to be released in late 2017, so maybe he’s being kind to LaBeouf because he’s about to embark on a different creative career himself.