Channing Tatum Addresses Side Effects of New Music Career; Makes Out With a Bird on ‘Kimmel’ (Video)

The "White House Down" star bumped beaks with a dove in outtakes from his recent music video, "Channing All Over My Tatum"

Channing Tatum stopped by "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Wednesday night and revealed a very serious problem: He can't stop singing about himself.

"I'm so afraid that people are going to think I'm such an ego maniac because I walk around singing my own name," Tatum told Kimmel as they discussed their recent musical collaboration with Jamie Foxx, "Channing All Over Your Tatum."

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The "White House Down" star should be afraid of PETA, too. He's seen licking and kissing a dove in outtakes of the music video Kimmel aired during the interview.

It was all in good fun, though. Or was it?

Check out the actor Channing all over a bird, below, followed by the rest of the interview: