Channing Tatum Dresses Up as Elvis Presley for Elevator Prank (Video)

The actor wanted to surprise overworked office staffers for the opening of “Magic Mike Live”

Channing Tatum dressed up as Elvis Presley to surprise overworked office staffers with a Las Vegas surprise party on the top floor of their building.

Partnering with Omaze and (Red) to promote the opening of “Magic Mike Live,” Tatum donned the iconic white jumpsuit and shades and surprised elevator riders.

During each ride, he broke into song and scared a few employees away with his epic dance moves. One woman even declined a ride in the elevator after seeing Elvis bust a move.

He then invited employees to a casino party on the top floor of the office building, where he took off his wig to their astonishment.

“What the WHAT?” one employee yelled as she saw who was actually hiding under the disguise.

The prank was part of the Omaze charity initiative wherein fans can donate to help fight AIDS and enter to win a trip to Las Vegas to see Tatum’s new show, based on his movie “Magic Mike.”

Omaze will put up one winner and their guest at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, as well as give them access to the premiere of “Magic Mike Live.”

Watch the video above.