Channing Tatum Reunited With His Childhood Imaginary Friend on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ (Video)

The “Foxcatcher” star also announced the winners of this year’s Team Oscar competition

Jimmy Kimmel arranged for a touching moment on his ABC late-night show on Monday by surprising Channing Tatum with a reunion most of us can’t even imagine.

After Tatum reflected on a childhood spent with an imaginary friend, Kimmel brought the “Jupiter Ascending” star’s long-lost invisible buddy, named Boy, out on stage.

“So you are not the Quentin Tarantino of conjuring up imaginary friends,” Kimmel joked.

“That’s what he said his name was, so I went with it,” Tatum said. “He liked peanut butter sandwiches with Cheetos inside of the sandwich.”

Watch the video, and then watch the “Foxcatcher” star announce the winners of this year’s Team Oscar competition, which is a contest used to select those who will hand over Oscar statues to winners during the Academy Awards on Feb. 22.