‘Chaos Walking’ Trailer: Daisy Ridley Can Hear Tom Holland’s Thoughts in Dystopian Thriller (Video)

Doug Liman directs the YA sci-fi that Lionsgate is releasing March 5, 2021

In the first trailer for “Chaos Walking,” Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley live in a dystopian world where a force called The Noise allows all living creatures to hear everyone else’s thoughts and feelings.

Ridley however is the last woman alive in this world, and she may be the source of the mysterious Noise.

Lionsgate is releasing “Chaos Walking,” which is directed by Doug Liman and is based on the trilogy of YA sci-fi novels by author Patrick Ness. And though many labeled the novels as somewhat “unfilmable” because of its unusual premise about information overload flooding the minds of young people, this first trailer shows the ambition on display, with Ridley explaining how strange it is to not just hear but see everything Holland is thinking.

“You know it’s strange for me too not knowing everything that’s going on in your head. I don’t know, you might not like my dog or want to hit me over the head with a rock or something,” Holland tells her bluntly. “I like your dog,” Ridley replies.

The Noise is depicted in Liman’s film as a colorful haze that surrounds all the men in the film and pulses and speaks as it goes. People can even conjure up literal images in their thoughts that manifest in the Noise, as Holland does by sending a shark after Jonas’ character after he threatens him and tells him to “watch your Noise.”

“Chaos Walking” also stars Mads Mikkelsen, Nick Jonas, Ray McKinnon, Cynthia Erivo, Kurt Sutter, David Oyelowo and Demián Bichir. After numerous delays and reshoots, not to mention delays from the coronavirus, “Chaos Walking” will finally open in theaters and in IMAX on a new date, March 5, 2021 (it was originally slated for January 21).

Check out the first trailer for the film here and above.


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