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Charges Against TJ Miller Dropped in Fake Bomb Threat Case

Former ”Silicon Valley“ and ”Deadpool“ star agrees to make restitution to law enforcement in agreement with prosecutors

Federal prosecutors have dropped all charges against former “Silicon Valley” and “Deadpool” star T.J. Miller stemming from his 2018 arrest on suspicion of calling in a fake bomb threat. Prosecutors announced the decision in paperwork filed in the district court for Connecticut, citing medical explanation for Miller’s behavior and his agreement to pay restitution.

“The government makes this request based upon: (1) expert medical analyses and reports regarding the defendant’s prior brain surgery and its continued neurological impacts, which cast doubt upon the requisite legal element of ‘intent’ to commit the charged offense (of what turned out to be a false 911 call); and (2) the defendant having entered agreements both to make full financial restitution for the costs of the law enforcement response to the false 911 call,” the filing said.

Miller has also agreed to participate in “a thorough and necessary program of Cognitive Remediation to render any recurrence of such conduct most highly unlikely,” according to the filing.

Miller was arrested and accused of making a false bomb threat from a train last month, prosecutors said. He was arrested in April 2018 at LaGuardia Airport in New York City and was charged with intentionally conveying false information to law enforcement. Prosecutors said that a month earlier, Miller called 911 while on an Amtrak train, claiming a woman with brown hair and a brown scarf was carrying a bomb in her bag. The train was stopped at a station in Connecticut and searched, but no bomb was found.

Miller later atrributed the behavior to “a manic episode” he said was caused in part by lingering effects of brain surgery he’d had to remove a congenital malformation.

Pamela Chelin contributed to this report.