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‘Charles in Charge’ Star Alexander Polinsky Says Scott Baio Sexually Harassed Him

Actor says that series star exposed himself to him and threw hot tea in his face

“Charles in Charge” star Alexander Polinsky on Wednesday joined his former co-star Nicole Eggert in accusing Scott Baio of abuse, saying that he “was sexually harassed by Scott Baio and ultimately assaulted by him” while appearing on the 1980s sitcom as a minor.

During a press conference that was also attended by Eggert and attorney Lisa Bloom, Polinsky said that the was subjected to “a pattern of abuse that was unrelenting,” including an incident during which he said “Scott pulled down my pants in front of over 100 people.”

Polinsky also said that Baio assaulted him by throwing a burning-hot cup of tea in his face after Polinsky faked passing a basketball to Baio, startling him.

The actor, who played Adam Powell on the sitcom, said that the abuse began when he came across Eggert sitting on Baio’s lap.

Naively, Polinsky said, he hopped onto Baio’s lap as well, thinking that Baio was going to tell them a story. Instead, Polinsky said, Baio “immediately threw me off him” and called him a “f—ot.”

A rep for Baio has not yet responded to TheWrap’s request for comment to Polinsky’s accusations. In a subsequent press conference Wednesday afternoon, Baio’s representative Brian Glicklich and attorney Jennifer McGrath accused Eggert and Polinsky of making “multiple inconsistent statements” and “ever-changing claims.”

McGrath also told reporters, “We fully expect that Mr. Baio will be cleared,” after which they will pursue all remedies available to them.

“Mr. Baio flatly denies each and every allegation that’s been made,” McGrath said.

In a statement read by Glicklich, Baio said, “For reasons I don’t understand, I am the target of false claims that threaten everything that is important in my life. I’m hurt, and I am angry, but mostly I am stunned that anyone could be so cruel as to attack not just me but my entire family with lies. I will not let this continue unchallenged, and will use every ounce of strength and faith in God that I have to defeat the people behind this. This story is just beginning to be told.”

Late last month, Eggert told Megyn Kelly that Baio penetrated her with his finger when she was 14.

“That happened quite often, through the age of 16,” she said of the touching. “More than 10 times, more like probably once a week. And then on set, there was just a lot of groping, a lot of fondling, a lot of pulling me on his lap, trying to sneak kisses in the back, which other cast members saw.”

Earlier this month, she shared her accusations of sexual assault with police.

Baio has repeatedly denied Eggert’s accusations. In a Facebook Live video in January, the actor said that Eggert “seduced me” and said she wasn’t a minor at the time.

“My reputation is being damaged, my family is being put through this, and I’m done,” Baio added.

According to Polinsky, he was subjected to slurs from Baio that “became a running gag on set,” though Polinsky wasn’t amused.

“Joking, taken to extremes, becomes hazing,” Polinsky told reporters at the conference, adding that such joking ultimately becomes “torture.”

Polinsky also said that, in one instance, Baio exposed his genitals to him.