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Charlie Daniels Sat Out NFL’s ‘Thursday Night Football’ – on a Wednesday

”Tired of these spoiled millionaire country stars disrespecting the AMERICAN calendar!“ one Twitter user says

Way to be proactive, Charlie Daniels.

The “Devil Went Down to Georgia” musician and noted conservative, who has been critical of NFL players’ protests during the national anthem, took to Twitter last night to inform his followers that he wasn’t tuning in to “Thursday Night Football.”

Daniels was far from alone in skipping “Thursday Night Football,” given that the country-music star posted his tweet on a Wednesday night.

“I would ordinarily be watching ‘Thursday Night Football,’ but for some reason I’m not,” Daniels wrote.

Other Twitter users were quick to inform Daniels that there was indeed a reason he wasn’t watching “Thursday Night Football.”

“Probably because it is Wednesday, you senile racist d—,” read one reply.

“Whoa, let’s learn to crawl before we walk. Start with a calendar. #HumpDay,” went another response.

“Tired of these spoiled millionaire country stars disrespecting the AMERICAN calendar!” yet another chimed in.

Earlier this week, Daniels penned an essay on the NFL protests. Declaring himself a “football junkie,” Daniels nonetheless asked, “Have we reached a point in America that even a sporting event has to be politicized?”

“Can we not even watch a sports event, which used to be sacrosanct territory where we could escape the ever-present political blabber and enjoy a couple of hours of excitement and entertainment?” Daniels added.

The musician went on to predict, “The upshot will probably not be the ‘killing of the golden goose,’ but could well result in the severe wounding as a significant portion of NFL revenue comes from television and if ratings fall enough, since the networks, no matter how sympathetic they may appear, are in it for the money and if they can make more by dropping professional football and broadcasting a tiddlywinks tournament, they will do so.”

Unless people choose to tune out the game on a night when it’s not airing, of course.