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Charlie Matthau Options Youth Detective Novel ‘Huge’

With his adaptation of Elmore Leonard’s ”Freaky Deaky“ set to start production early next year, indie producer buys movie rights to James Fuerst novel

With his indie adaptation of Elmore Leonard's "Freaky Deaky" set to start production early next year, producer Charlie Matthau has acquired rights to another novel, James Fuerst's youth-centered "Huge."

The book follows a precocious 12-year-old boy who aspires to be a Sam Spade-esque detective.

"He wants to be a Bob Mitchum or Humphrey Bogart, and his grandmother buys his services to find out who painted a slur on her retirement home," said Matthau, describing the story.

"Along the way, he finds romance with a 12-year-old femme fatale. It's sort of 'L.A. Confidential' meets John Hughes," he added.

As for casting the adaptation, the son of the late Walter Matthau seems, well, hopeful:

"Hopefully, we'll get someone like Justin Bieber and Chloe Moretz," he said.

For "Freaky Deaky," Matthau said he recruited William H. Macy to co-star in the film about a former bomb-squad detective who descends into the seedy underbelly of 1974 Los Angeles.

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