Charlie Murphy’s 5 Best ‘Chappelle Show’ Sketches (Videos)

From Rick James to Prince to a foul-mouthed puppet, the late Murphy had some of the funniest skits from Dave Chappelle’s Comedy Central series

Charlie Murphy chappelle's show forgotten roles
Comedy Central

Charlie Murphy, who died today at age 57 following a battle with cancer, created some of the most memorable sketches on Comedy Central’s “Chappelle’s Show.” Perhaps none more so than “Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Story: Rick James” in 2004, which spawned the acclaimed show’s most famous catch phrase.

Chappelle’s “Kneehigh Park” series gave Murphy the chance to traumatize some young children with gritty real life lessons in this parody of “Sesame Street.”

Murphy followed up his Rick James skit with another absurdist take on a chance meeting with another superstar, in “Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Story: Prince.” (2004)

“The Mad Real World” (2003) parodied MTV’s “Real World” by moving one white guy into a house with five black roommates.

Murphy, Chappelle, were joined by guest stars like Ice-T to trade insults and laughs in “The Playa Haters’ Ball.” (2003)