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Charlie Rose Acknowledges ‘Inappropriate’ Relationships, Flirting With ‘CBS This Morning’ Co-Anchors

Admission comes in newly released deposition from sexual harassment lawsuit

Charlie Rose acknowledged that he had “inappropriate” workplace relationships and that he flirted with his “CBS This Morning” co-anchors Gayle King and Norah O’Donnell, according to a deposition that was unsealed on Monday.

In his testimony, which he gave back in November, Rose was asked about the apology he posted on Twitter back in 2017 when accusations of sexual misconduct against him began to surface. When asked about the “inappropriate behavior” he admitted to in his statement, Rose acknowledged in his testimony that he has since considered his “romantic” and “intimate” relationships to be “inappropriate” because “there was power and balance, and you were in some cases the boss and you had a relationship that was defined within the workplace.”

Rose said he was not referring to any specific woman or women he had those relationships with, but he did admit that he flirted with King, O’Donnell, as well as Bianna Golodryga and Chelsea Wei. (Wei is one of the three plaintiffs in the sexual harassment lawsuit against Rose.)

As for his relationships with King and O’Donnell, Rose said they would often hug one another and kiss on the cheek, but he could not recall if he had ever kissed them on the lips.

The unsealed depositions come as an attorney for the plaintiffs filed a motion on Monday to compel discovery in the case.