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Charlie Sheen Gushes Love for Sean Spicer After Wishing He’d ‘Asphyxiate’

”Pardon my earlier rant. If our paths do cross; drinks are on me!“ actor tweets to White House press secretary

Choke on this, Sean Spicer. Or maybe not.

The White House press secretary found a seemingly unlikely fan Monday in the form of Charlie Sheen, just weeks after the former “Two and a Half Men” star wished asphyxiation upon him.

The source of Sheen’s dramatic change of heart? Spicer’s neckwear.

“@seanspicer your tie is now FABULOUS!” Sheen tweeted Monday. “Pardon my earlier rant. If our paths do cross; drinks are on me!”

Sheen finished off his social media love note to the Trump mouthpiece with, “Have a great day!”

The actor’s tone on Monday was a far cry from his attitude toward Spicer earlier this month, when Sheen opined that Spicer’s tie should be used to cut off his oxygen supply.

“Bro, that shitty Windsor should b remodeled to asphyxiate u,” Sheen tweeted at the time, calling Spicer a “shameful husk.”

“Crawl back into your mom you baleful noxious shoat,” the actor also advised Spicer.

See? It really is possible to come together under President Trump.

Time will tell if Spicer and Sheen actually get together to, uh, tie one on. But a word of advice to the press secretary: If you decide to party with Mr. Tiger Blood, you’ll probably want to pack a spare liver.