Charlie Sheen to Receive Updated ‘E! True Hollywood Story’

Troubled actor earns a do-over on the warts-and-all biography series, a mere year after his episode originally aired

No doubt about it, Charlie Sheen has been a busy boy lately.

So much so, that "E! True Hollywood Story" is updating its episode on the actor, despite the fact that the installment originally aired just last year.

According to E!, the updated "True Hollywood Story" episode will include "exclusive interviews from friends Daniel Baldwin and Bret Michaels, plus Heidi Fleiss and a handful of talkative ex-girlfriends."

During the episode, Sheen's former service provider Fleiss reveals that, “In the early ’90s, when I first started doing business with Charlie, it was great. He would tell me what he wanted, and I would deliver what he wanted. One of my girls came back one day and said, ‘Oh, it was great — Charlie wanted me to dress as a cheerleader.'"

How prescient — he was already preparing for the winning streak that he's currently on.

The rebooted Sheen episode of "True Hollywood Story" will air Wednesday at 10 p,m.