Update: Sheen Tickets Plummet to $24 for NYC Weekend Shows

Despite a rebound performance in Chicago Sunday night, tickets are moving slow and cheap for two upcoming performances at Radio City Music Hall

Update Monday 10:13 a.m.:

Despite a much better outting in the Windy City Sunday night — which followed a night of boos in Detroit just 24 hours earlier — Charlie Sheen's "Violent Torpedo of Truth" tour is not a hot-selling ticket.

The New York Post reported Monday that there are still 2,800 tickets available to see two shows at New York's Radio City Musical Hall Friday and Sunday, and that prices had dropped to as low as $24 a ticket on StubHub — way below the more than $500 some ticket brokers had originally been seeking.

"I wouldn't be surprised if prices came down even further," Stubhub.com spokeswoman Joellen Ferrera told the Post. "We could definitely see close to a fire sale."

Sunday update:

Just had to work out the kinks is all.

Twenty-four hours after bombing badly in Detroit, Charlie Sheen and his "My Violent Torpedo of Truth" live-show tour made some quick changes for night two in Chicago, and the results were apprently successful.

Sheen essentially went back to what had been working for him, revamping his show into a talkshow format, with the fired "Two and a Half Men" star taking questions, Piers Morgan style, and burning through cigarettes.

The result had Windy City patrons wondering what Motor City folks were thinking a night earlier: "Detroit Sucks," they chanted at one point.

Of course, while things seem to have gone smoother than they had with the largely drunken angry hordes at Detroit's Fox Theater, not all the kinks were worked out in Night No. 2.

Live-tweeing the proceedings, film critic Richard Roeper noted, "Whoever this guy is questioning Sheen, he's just awful. If you were sitting next to these two guys in a bar, you'd find another table …"


Essentially booed off the stage by a rowdy, boozed-up crowd at Detroit's Fox Theater Saturday, Charlie Sheen and his "My Torpedo of Violent Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option" tour were en route to win over a new audience in Chicago on Sunday.

Apparently Sheen's camp hasn't lost its blind enthusiasm. Rob Patterson, Sheen's sidekick and guitarist, tweeted on Sunday: "We are…. RE-FUCKING-LOADING FOR !!"

Set to kick off at the 3,600-seat Chicago Theatre, promotors say the tour's second show is sold out, though tickets are listed for sale online.

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By all accounts, Saturday's show was a disaster, with audiences chanting "refund" after a 70-minute variety mix that opened with Sheen hanger-on Simon Rex rapping (he was booed off the stage), and led into a big-screen video clip of the actor playing "Call of Duty" as well as live renditions of his online show "Sheen's Korner."

"No way" the show makes it through all 20 of its dates, Bob Orlowski, a lawyer from Plymouth, Mich., who watched with six clients in a suite, told the AP.

"He's not suited for this," Orlowski added. "It wasn't funny."

That was the consensus of just about every report out there. 

After a video montage that feature movie clips from Sheen films including "Wall Street" and "Platoon," set to the live guitar solo of Sheen friend Patterson, the embattled actor emerged on stage to raucous applause and a standing ovation.

The cheering grew louder when the women Sheen calls "goddesses" took the stage, one carrying a placard reading "War" the other woman carrying one reading "Lock."

The two woman then kissed, sending the crowd into a frenzy.

"I don't see a single empty seat," Sheen said with a smirk.

But the show quickly went south, bottoming out when Sheen addressed a booing fan by telling him, "I've already got your f—ing money, dude."

Sheen would later describe the tour's first outting as "an experiment."

But it's an experiment that may have him smarting from audience abuse on a nightly basis.