Charlie Sheen Seeks Ted Cruz Alliance To Beat Donald Trump in 2020

Actor tweets to senator, “You bring the awesome, I’ll bring the winning!”

Charlie sheen Ted cruz

Charlie Sheen thinks he can unseat President-elect Donald Trump in four years with a little help from Ted Cruz.

The actor took to Twitter to recruit the Texas senator to be his 2020 running mate, writing, “You bring the awesome, I’ll bring the winning!”

The alliance doesn’t look likely to happen. Cruz, who lost the Republican presidential nomination to Trump and later endorsed him, was among those who criticized Sheen for the tweet wishing death on the president-elect.

During the GOP primary race, Cruz was one of Trump’s biggest rivals. Trump insulted the appearance of Cruz’s wife and implied his dad was somehow connected to the JKF assassination, which resulted in Cruz refusing to support Trump at the Republican National Convention.

Cruz eventually supported Trump anyway and a Trump Tower meeting between the former rivals fueled speculation that the president-elect would make his former rival a cabinet member.

Sheen was probably joking about running with Cruz, but if 2016 taught us anything it’s that you never know who the next POTUS will be.