Charlie Sheen’s HIV Status Was Joked About in 2014 Sony Emails

“It’s hard to to be a drug addict and be HIV positive and do 40 eps a year,” executive writes in 2014 email expressing skepticism over “Anger Management” reaching 100 episodes

charlie sheen on Today
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Charlie Sheen‘s HIV status doesn’t seem to have been that big of a secret in Hollywood, as leaked Sony emails from a year ago show an executive joked about the sitcom star’s health condition.

In March 2014, a Sony executive sent an email telling a colleague expressing skepticism that Sheen’s FX show, “Anger Management,” would hit the 100-episode mark for syndication.

“I think I will win the 90/10 bet on the over under on this,” the executive wrote. “It’s hard to to be a drug addict and be HIV positive and do 40 eps a year.”

The 90/10 mention was in regards to the deal between Lionsgate, which produced “Anger Management,” and the network that aired the show. If the first 10 episodes hit a certain ratings number, 90 additional episodes would be picked up, and they were. The show reached 100 episodes before ending last year.

The leaked email shows Sheen’s HIV has been out in the open for awhile, at least via the batch of hacked Sony emails.

This may be part of the reason that sparked National Enquirer’s self-described “dogged 18-month investigation” into Sheen’s HIV that hit newsstands on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, Sheen revealed he was HIV positive on NBC’s “Today” show.