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Charlie Sheen’s Wife in Rehab

On Tuesday news broke that Brooke Mueller had entered a rehab center

The story of Brooke Mueller’s mysterious bout with pneumonia has taken a new twist. Charlie Sheen’s wife  has entered a rehab clinic, according to her lawyer.

But the question remains: Why?

Indeed, the saga that began with the couple’s Christmas Day fight in Aspen has become a Moebius-strip of fact and rumor.

One solid truth is that the couple’s shouting match resulted in Sheen’s arrest and a court-issued protective order keeping him away from Mueller.

A couple of court hearings called to relax the restraining order have been postponed due to what was first described as Mueller’s “oral surgery,” then because of Mueller’s hospitalization in Sherman Oaks for double pneumonia.

The stories boil down to this: 


  • Mueller, accompanied by her mother, checked into Two Dreams Outer Banks rehab center, a self-described “serene and idyllic environment .. nestled in the woods of historic Corolla Village, North Carolina.” The center’s website features the kind of cozy graphics more associated with a bath-and-candle boutique than a rehab facility. 
  • Mueller’s attorney, former O.J. Simpson lawyer Yale Galanter, admits she is at Two Dreams but claims she is there recovering from pneumonia — and not to get clean and sober.
  • Mueller’s pneumonia stay in the hospital was brought on by smoking crack during an alcohol binge, according to reports in RadarOnline.


Galanter has not yet responded to TheWrap’s queries about Mueller’s condition — or if her stay at Two Dreams will cause Mueller and Sheen’s next Aspen court date, Feb. 8, to be postponed yet again. 

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