Charlotte Flair: ‘It’s Not a Slight’ for Becky Lynch to Share ‘WWE 2K20’ Cover With Roman Reigns

TCA 2019: “Roman Reigns is standing behind her. [He’s] the face of our company. That’s the big message to me,” she tells TheWrap

Do not count Charlotte Flair among those bummed out that Becky Lynch is sharing the cover of upcoming video game “WWE 2K20” with male Superstar Roman Reigns.

We asked Flair, who agrees with us that she would have been a good choice for last year’s “WWE 2K19” cover athlete (it was AJ Styles instead), for her comment on “The Man” Becky Lynch having an actual man pictured behind her adorning the Oct. 22 release.

“So, I look at it this way. If you watched the video game’s, commercial, and Roman acknowledging her like ‘You’re the man,’ there’s no bigger acknowledgement in our company than coming from Roman Reigns,” Flair responded at the Television Critics Association press tour. “I want to be where Roman is right now, on [the marketing materials] for Fox (Sports). I want to be the face of the company.”

Watch the game’s trailer, where Lynch quite literally breaks a glass ceiling, via the video above.

“But Becky and Roman– right now, with Becky’s year and us main-eventing WrestleMania, which is the pinnacle of the Women’s Evolution, which is not just gonna stop there — it’s not a slight to Becky,” the nine-time WWE Women’s Champion continued. “It’s just Roman’s “The Guy,” or the man, and so is Becky. It’s a representation of saying, ‘OK we still put Becky on the cover, the first time ever (for a woman).’ I think it’s more kudos that– Roman is standing behind her. Roman Reigns is standing behind her. [He’s] the face of our company. That’s the big message to me.”

“Having me up here, and not another male is a message from WWE saying, ‘Hey, our women are taking over and we hope that this message spreads to every industry,’” Flair added during the afternoon Fox Sports panel. “Because WWE is positioning us as Superstars equally as the men in every aspect in the company.”

“So the fan’s saying ‘boo-hoo’ that Roman’s on the cover. That’s just– either they’re gonna be happy or they’re gonna be mad, they’re gonna have something to be negative about,” she concluded. “It’s easier to be negative than to be positive.”

When we followed up as to whether or not her opinion is echoed by the rest of the female roster, Flair (real name Ashley Elizabeth Fliehr), the daughter of professional wrestling icon Ric Flair, said the women’s locker room is “100%” satisfied with its representation on shared the “WWE 2k20” cover.

“They both deserved it,” Charlotte said.

Charlotte, Lynch, Sasha Banks and Bayley star in a storyline in the latest 2K Games annual offering’s new “Four Horsewomen Mode,” which follows their rise from WWE’s minor-league system NXT, which kicked off the ongoing WWE Women’s Evolution. That’s pretty cool too, she pointed out.