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Charted: The Venn Power of Jennifer Lopez

She’s got the kind of non-slacker energy you either marvel at or groan over

Jennifer Lopez, back with her new rom-com, "The Back-Up Plan," has been around the block, on the train, through the mill, at the mall and on the red carpet. She’s been trashed, celebrated, spit out and embraced. She’s charted and tanked, smiled and endured. She’s put scents in a bottle and clothes on the rack. She’s opened a restaurant, divorced husbands and mothered her children.

This kind of turbo-charged activity could put an Olympian on crutches, but in the hands, face, body and voice of Jennifer Lopez, it’s turned a multi-hyphenate performer into that rare Hollywood hybrid who’s held her own over the years (thumbs up and thumbs down) as an actress, singer, dancer … et cetera and so on.

And she does it in bold strokes, loaded with phenomenal Venn Power (see below), the kind of glossy, starlit, frenetic roller ride of a career that has "Boogie Wonderland" playing as her personal anthem while she’s burning muffins in the oven during her photo shoot after her dance rehearsal before her vocal session. She’s got the kind of non-slacker energy you either marvel at or groan over.

No matter how it all goes down, it makes for some breathtaking entertainment, sassy magazine covers and loads of fun graphics. Her oeuvre may arrive with plunging necklines and skintight skirts — and maybe it comes in lieu of Academy Awards, long speeches and high brow art — but she delivers.

Here’s my Venn diagram in J.Lo’s honor:


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