Chaz Bono to ‘DWTS’ Judge Bruno: I’m Not a ‘Fat Troll’ or Ewok!

Bono’s angry “DWTS” judges made such an issue of his weight

Chaz Bono made a graceful exit after being voted off "Dancing With the Stars" Tuesday night, but not before he let judge Bruno Tonioli know he wasn't happy his weight had been such an issue throughout this season's competition.

"Bruno … makes comments about me being cute and cuddly and (compared me to an) Ewok, with the Princess Leia and this, like I'm some fat troll dancing with this beautiful woman every week and I'm sick of it," Bono said in an interview shown during Tuesday night's elimination episode, but filmed right after his Monday night performance on "DWTS."

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Initially, Bono was the target of some viewers who thought it was inappropriate for a transgendered person to appear. But he lasted long into the competition.

"If you're an overweight woman in this competition, losing weight, they love you. If you're an overweight guy trying to do this competition, getting in shape, they penalize you for it, call you a penguin."

Past contestants from Marie Osmond to Kirstie Alley have been praised for the weight loss that accompanied their stints on "DWTS."

Ricki Lake has been praised this season for losing 20 pounds in the first six weeks of season 13 competition, and she is one of the favorites this season, along with veteran-turned-actor J.R. Martinez.

In an interview with "Access Hollywood" after "DWTS" Tuesday night, Bono said he felt "some bias against me."

"I felt throughout there was some bias against me … I felt like I didn't fit a physical ideal, and that that I got judged on more than my dancing sometimes."