Sad Donald Trump Cake Gets Smashed On Social Media

Hilarious memes from “The Shining” to “Stranger Things” flood the internet after scary looking confectionery is spotted outside Trump Tower

Donald Trump Campaigns Presidential Election with mask harambe
Getty Images

A downcast-looking Donald Trump cake was spotted being escorted into Trump Tower in New York on Tuesday during the election and the internet is having a field day with it.

While the confectionary was fashioned to look like a bust of the GOP candidate, its freaky features and expression of foreboding sent anxious social media users into a crazed spiral.

Some people decided to go the scary route and Photoshopped Trump’s cake head onto Jack Nicholson’s body in a scene from “The Shining.”

Another photoshop genius emulated an iconic cover from National Geographic’s 1985 issue of the striking “Afghan Girl.”

The notorious cake even popped up with a Twitter account of its own (Disclaimer: a real person is behind it, the actual cake did not join Twitter … yet).

Some people seemed more invested in the cake’s status than the elections results rolling in  — it was a sweet distraction at least.

Even Trump’s supporters couldn’t get with the cake and implied that it must be a Democratic baker who created the atrocity.

According to the Boston Globe, Melissa Alt is the baker behind the cake and she made one of Hillary Clinton too.

Trump is holding his election night event at the New York Hilton Midtown, and according to MarketWatch, the cake eventually made its way to the party.

See some of the best reactions and memes below.