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Check Out Tom Hanks Giving ‘SNL’ Opening Monologue as America’s Dad (Video)

Tom Hanks hosted ‘SNL’ for the ninth time, opening with a heartfelt and encouraging lecture

Tom Hanks returned to “SNL” for the ninth time this week, and his opening monologue came in the form of a talk with his metaphorical son: America.

Hanks, reflecting on the current political tension and social media of our age, sat down to address the audience, clad in a knit sweater, as though it were his teenage son moving into adolescence. You can watch the full speech up above.

“Hey buddy. There’s my big growing nation. How ya’ doin’, champ?” Hanks started, then went on to talk about how America is changing, how it’s complexion is “getting a little darker,” and “a lot gayer” than we used to be. Hanks then asked about our financial situation.

“How ya’ doin’? You okay with money?” asked Hanks, clad in his best Mister Rogers sweater, saying that he couldn’t help us out of this mess. “I don’t have $19 trillion dollars, I have $230 million dollars.”

Despite our apparent massive gun collection and the scent of weed in the air, Hanks brushed off all of America’s faults, focusing instead on where we’ve done well and what we have to look forward to. Hanks’ monologue was peppered with modern teenage jargon, with attempts at words like “trill” and “fleek” failing in an endearing manner that only Hanks could deliver.

In the fact of America’s shortcomings, Hanks reassured the country that he believed in us. “You’re going to make the right choices,” Hanks reassured the audience, wrapping up his heartfelt monologue as America’s Dad.

Hanks continues to climb the ranks of what is known as the “Five or More” club, the group of entertainers who have hosted at least five episodes of “SNL.” Hanks ranks below other actors such as Alec Baldwin, who has hosted 13 episodes, and Steve Martin, who currently holds the record with fourteen hosted episodes of “SNL.”