Chelsea Handler: ‘I Encourage Sleeping With People You Work With’

“Lately” host defends her relationship with former E! boss Ted Harbert

For those who've followed Chelsea Handler's television career, her conversation with Piers Morgan — scheduled to air Tuesday on his CNN show — is worth noting.

Morgan, whose favorite topic I've come to realize is love, asked Handler if she had ever been in love — which led to what could've been an awkward moment, considering Handler's ex-boyfriend and former boss, Ted Harbert, is one of Morgan's at NBC. (Morgan is a judge on "America's Got Talent," for those who have lost track.)

Handler defended her relationship with Harbert. "I don't think it really matters if you're in love with somebody and I was," Handler said. “It had nothing to do with him being my boss — it's just how we came together."

She added: "I encourage sleeping around with people you work with. It makes things fun."

Handler and Harbert split early last year; Herbert was named chairman of NBC Broadcasting after Comcast took control of NBCU last fall.

Here's the clip: