Chelsea Handler Ripped as a Hypocrite for Condemning Jokes About Racism

“So racist jokes are only funny when you make them?”

Comedian Chelsea Handler
Getty Images

Talk show host and comedian Chelsea Handler is getting heat from Twitter users for a tweet she posted Sunday night suggesting “laws for people here who think racism is funny.”

“2 Chinese guys were arrested in Berlin for making nazi salutes,” the “Chelsea” host said. “Wouldn’t it be nice 2 have laws here for people who think racism is funny?”

Handler was referencing a story on Sunday about two Chinese tourists who were arrested in Berlin after taking pictures of themselves doing Nazi salutes in front of the Reichstag, the seat of the lower house of Parliament. Police witnessed the tourists breaking laws that have been in place since 1945 forbidding the use of symbols and gestures used by Hitler and his followers, The New York Times reported.

Twitter users were quick to point out that Handler herself would probably be subject to these laws, along with several comedians who use race as a punchline. One user tweeted a photo of an old tweet of Handler’s: “This is my aunt, my cousin Ricky and I returning from our nazi genealogy hunt. We’re back.”

“So racist jokes are only funny when you make them? Everyone else should be arrested,” another user tweeted, also resurfacing a tweet by Handler making fun of Angelina Jolie’s adoptive children: “Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce with Brad Pitt… He wants the China; she wants Pax and Maddox #sorrycouldnthelpmyself.”

“Remember when you made fun of @FLOTUS because of her accent and heritage? Should you be arrested?” another Twitter user asked the comedian.

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