Chelsea Handler Rips Ann Coulter and Her ‘Piece of S—‘ Book After Last-Minute Cancellation (Video)

Here’s why you don’t call in sick to a talk-show appearance at the 11th hour

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Ann Coulter

Memo to pundits: Do not back out of an appearance on Chelsea Handler‘s show at the last minute, lest you be ridiculed.

Handler ripped into conservative pundit Ann Coulter on Thursday, after Coulter apparently cancelled an appearance on “Chelsea” in the 11th hour.

According to Handler, the talk-show host “went out on a limb” and booked Coulter, an ardent Trump supporter and author of “In Trump We Trust.”

“And guess what she did? She called in sick right before the show today,” Handler said in a segment of her show Wednesday.

Handler added that Coulter made the cancellation via email.

“You know how seriously I take this job? I was up at 5 a.m. this morning reading this piece of garbage,” Handler said, holding up a copy of Coulter’s book. “And then you email in sick.”

In an attempt to present her audience with an idea of how the interview might have gone, Handler employed a “body double” in the form of the very un-Coulterlike Fortune Feimster, who rattled off Coulter quotes such as, “It would be a much better country if women did not vote. That is simply a fact.”

And, “Gays are the molecular opposite of blacks. Everybody likes the gays moving in next door.”

And also, “Americans should fear Mexicans more than ISIS.”

With the audience clearly turning on her, Coulter/Feimster declared, “You guys clearly didn’t read my book.”

“In all fairness, in defense of my audience, it’s hard to get through that piece of s—,” Handler shot back.


Watch the exchange between Handler and faux-Coulter in the video