Chelsea Peretti Recalls Red Carpet ‘Nightmare’ of Being Asked What Show She’s Binging While Crying Over Andre Braugher’s Death | Video

“It was so horrible,” the actress tells Seth Meyers

Chelsea Peretti has had a lot of people talk to her about the death of her “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” co-star Andre Braugher, but no experience was more of a “nightmare” for the actress than being asked about him on the red carpet, breaking down crying, and then immediately being asked about what shows she’s binge-watching.

Peretti stopped by “Late Night with Seth Meyers” on Wednesday night to discuss her new movie “First Time Female Director,” but before the duo got into that, Meyers offered his condolences to the actress after Braugher’s passing at the end of last year.

Noting that Braugher was “a dear friend,” Peretti marveled at some of the interactions she had immediately following his death.

“I went to London over Christmas, and people were coming up to me, they were like ‘Andre died!’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah.’ They’re like, ‘How do you feel?’ I’m like, ‘Bad?’” she said with a laugh.

But one recent interaction stood out more for Peretti, and it took place at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival earlier this week.

“On the red carpet, the guy goes ‘What’s your favorite ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ episode?’ And I’m talking about it, he’s like ‘Who was funniest?’ I’m like, ‘Andre,’ and I just burst into tears,” Peretti recalled. “It was so horrible ’cause to be a celebrity, you’re supposed to be like a complete robot. You know this.”

Peretti and Meyers shared a laugh at this, joking that Meyers is “good” at being said robot, before the actress continued.

“I burst into tears on camera. He’s just holding his phone, and I’m just like, this is a nightmare,” she said. “And my publicist is like, ‘Um, uh…’ And then he goes, ‘One last question: what are you binging?’ While I’m crying!”

For the record, the answer was “Beef,” and Peretti re-created the moment, giving her answer through heavy sobs. She remained in good spirits about the situation though, laughing along with Meyers.

“You gotta get it in. You can’t let Andre’s passing get in the way of a good plug,” Meyers joked.

You can watch Chelsea Peretti’s full appearance on “Late Night With Seth Meyers” in the video above.


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