Cher Gloriously Takes Down DACA Doubter, Promises to House Dreamers

Keep your eyes open for pop icon’s charitable offer

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Cher is the hero every DACA Dreamer needs right now. Not only did the pop icon promise to house Dreamers in need, she was a total boss doing it — so said a surge of Twitter observers, at least.

Cher called on other members of Hollywood on Tuesday to help protect Dreamers — those who were brought to the United States as minors from another country that are currently protected under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program — who need help after the Trump administration announced the program will be phased out over the next six months.

“Those Who Can Must Take a DREAMER in2 Their Home & Protect Them !! I’m Ready 2 Do This & [prayer emoji] Others in MY BUSINESS WILL DO THE SAME !! SANCTUARY,” Cher tweeted on Tuesday.

When another Twitter user replied “Sure you will Cher.. I’ll believe it when I see it!” Cher clapped back with the perfect response: “Then keep your eyes open b—-.”

The user has since deleted the tweet, but we all know the internet keeps receipts (see screenshot below).

Twitter was quick to applaud Cher for her ferocity, and the reactions are hilarious: