Chewbacca Mom Gets Her Own Hasbro Action Figure

Candace Payne became famous in May when video of her laughing while wearing a mask of the “Star Wars” character went viral

Chewbacca Mom mask
Hasbro Twitter

Candace Payne, also known as Chewbacca Mom, received her own action figure from Hasbro following a viral video in which she wore the mask of the “Star Wars” character.

According to Hasbro’s Twitter account, “Brian Goldner unveiled Candace Payne’s very own #ChewbaccaMom action figure at Hasbro HQ” on Friday.

The figure features Chewbacca’s body, but Payne’s head replaces that of the character. According to Entertainment Weekly, the figure features 13 catchphrases, including: “That’s not me making that noise, it’s the mask” and “I am such a happy Chewbacca.”

The Chewbacca video went viral on May 19, wherein Payne can be seen donning the mask in her car. She slides it on and opens her mouth, causing the mask to let out an electronic Wookiee cry. Cue the most hysterical laugh you’ll ever hear.

The video now has 157.5 million views on Facebook.

Payne also posted a video of the action figure on her Facebook profile. Watch it below.