Chiklis: This Is Not ‘Heroes’ or ‘The Incredibles’

Former “Shield” star defends notion that his new ABC series “No Ordinary Family is derivative … and that it’s even a sci-fi show

Last Updated: August 5, 2011 @ 3:31 PM

Trying to explain the hybrid concept of ABC’s upcoming “No Ordinary Family,” star Michael Chiklis compared it to a music performer who culls his influences from myriad sources.

“This show borrows from so many different things that we love,” said the former star of FX’s “The Shield,” who will play the patriarch of a family full of supers.

“This is event television,” he added.

However, at the show’s buzzless TCA panel Sunday afternoon, it was hard to decipher exactly what was extraordinary about the show.

Both Chiklis and creator/producer Greg Berlanti insist the series – which co-stars former “Dexter” regular Julie Benz as the mom – is more family drama than sci-fi/fantasy hourlong.

“This blends all the fun of an action show with an intimate family show,” said Berlanti, whose previous EP credits include “Brothers and Sisters” and “Eli Stone.” “We wanted to make something the whole family can watch together.”

“It’s a family show,” added Chiklis. “It’s about a family that’s somewhat dysfunctional and trying to work out problems that all families face … the super-hero thing wrapped around just makes it more interesting.”

So this isn’t the next big sci-fi/fantasy drama that’s going to fill the hole left by the departure of “Lost”?

Chiklis hedges there.

“This is an ambitious effort to blend two genres,” he said. “And if we’re able to pull it off, we’ll have something very special.”

But again, the Emmy-winning actor found himself describing a series concept that, well, just doesn’t seem all that innovative.

“This isn’t ‘Heroes’ or ‘The Incredibles,’” he insisted.