Donald Glover Drops New Childish Gambino Video During ‘SNL’ Broadcast

Gambino also performed the new single “This Is America” during Saturday Night Live

In between commercial breaks, Donald Glover’s fans got a huge shock while tweeting about what a great job he was doing hosting “Saturday Night Live”: a new Childish Gambino music video.

During “SNL,” Glover performed and released a single, “This Is America,” from his upcoming Childish Gambino album, which he says will be his last as his hip-hop alter ego.

In the surreal, violent video, a shirtless Gambino dances in an empty building as chaos erupts around him, with some of that chaos coming from Gambino himself, as he casually shoots a hooded man in the back of the head and mows down a group of choir singers with a machine gun. Later in the video, Sza can be seen sitting nearby, as Gambino dances on top of an ’80s sedan.

The video ends with a terrified Gambino running through dark hallways, being chased by a crowd before the shot cuts to black. The video has already been praised as an artistic, confrontational take on gun violence in American society, with guns being treated with care while corpses are dragged away.

The final Childish Gambino album will be released later this year. Glover can also be seen on his FX show “Atlanta” and in the upcoming “Star Wars” anthology film “Solo,” which hits theaters May 25.

Watch the “This Is America” video above.